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What is IT Staff Augmentation?

Staff Augmentation is a cost-effective outsourcing approach that allows companies to hire highly-skilled remote resources on a contractual basis. The IT Staff Augmentation strategy helps companies get IT resources on an as-needed basis and scale quickly.

Even when you have an in-house team of IT professionals who can assist you, there are times when you have more projects than your in-house team can handle. In such situations, you may need more Software engineers, Data engineers or test engineers on temporary basis without adding heavy long term cost to your payroll. Thus, it becomes necessary to augment the remote IT staff to get your work done quickly, efficiently and in cost effective manner.

Staff Augmentation Model

As the name suggests, IT Staff Augmentation is an outsourcing approach in which organizations add tech resources on a short-term or long-term basis to fill temporary vacancies in their teams. This strategy allows organizations to scale and optimize their business quickly and without much hassle.

Staff Augmentation Services
Additionally, having an outsourced IT team helps reduce hiring costs significantly, allowing companies to optimize their workflow effectively. Usually, the staff augmentation company shares multiple profiles of IT resources based on the requirements (Job descriptions) provided by your company. You can choose the best option by using your own skill assessment criteria via test or interview.
The skill assessment before augmenting IT talent helps organizations improve the overall performance of their in-house team.

How Does Staff Augmentation Model Work?

A firm need to have right capacity and skillset to be successfully execute the projects/product development work. But, many times, a company may not have required resources and the expertise at its disposal, to meet its targets. The best solution to this issue is IT staff augmentation.

To effectively extend your team, you must follow a series of steps. However, the IT staff augmentation procedure should be systematic and thorough. The following steps define how the IT Outsourcing Model works:

1. Defining the need
Defining your outsourcing goals is the first step in the process. This shall ensure that you are in the best possible position to establish a team of skilled individuals with the drive, ingenuity, and expertise required to complete the task on time and within budget. You should create job descriptions that clearly outline the skills necessary for each role. In next step, identify the number of resources required against each role.
2. Finding Staff Augmentation Companies

Before choosing which outsourcing company to work with, carefully research the IT staff augmentation industry. Decide what you want, then use it as the reference point for all of your research. By using some simple methods, such as checking the online profiles of company and its technical directors will give you a fair idea of their ability. Also you may choose to speak with the company’s former clients and gauge their degree of satisfaction with the services provided. These are mandatory step that you must follow before choosing the outsourcing agency that fits your outsourcing requirements.

3. Onboarding the right resources

Your staff augmentation partner will begin the search after carefully examining the Job Descriptions provided by you. There is a possibility that your Staff Augmentation partner will have the required resources on bench and they present those resource immediately. In other scenario, they will present you multiple options against each job role, after careful screening on their end. You may choose to re-evaluate the presented resources using your internal applicant screening mechanism. This could be done through single Technical interview or multiple interviews. However, one should be mindful of the fact that in current scenario of IT resource crunch, lengthy recruitment cycle is counterproductive, as applicant may choose other employers who are swift in the recruitment.

Offering Constant Assistance

Simply hiring additional staff and letting them be is not appropriate. It is crucial to offer your team ongoing assistance if you want your project to be finished according to your deadlines and requirements. Even the most skilled employees require a leader to help them.

Best Staff Augmentation Companies

Looking through the best staff augmentation firms for your company? Obtain the list of the best IT staffing services curated after rigorous research. When IT recruitment services are contracted, a one-time capital expense is often reduced and converted into an ongoing expense. If you have trouble locating IT staff augmentation services, you may speed up your search by looking through the list of the ten best IT staffing services provided below:
1. Admios
Leading nearshore software development company Admios offers highly qualified, team-based talent to businesses with important software needs. Since 2005, entrepreneurs and corporate businesses have depended on Admios to support technical projects and create new products across various sectors.
Admios has its headquarters in the Bay Area and a 50-person highly-skilled development team situated in US time zones and 100% fluent in English. This allows easy integration with the company’s internal technology and product groups.
2. Dezital Technologies

Dezital is a Technology consulting & Services company  providing IT staff augmentation services to its clients in US and Europe mainly. Dezital can help you create a perfect balance between project progress and cost-effectiveness, by providing high quality Software engineers, Test Engineers, Data Engineers, UI/UX designers, Front end and Back end developers in wide range of technology stacks.

Once onboarded, Dezital seamlessly integrates its remote developers/teams with your in-house development and technical teams. The unique blend of Technology and recruitment experience of Dezital ensures that you get the best IT staff augmentation services with reduced development costs, no overheads, no administrative burdens and no on boarding hassles.
If you are looking for Technology staff with a specific skillset to bridge the talent gaps in your organization and hire experienced and scalable Dedicated Technology staff hand-picked to handle your IT Project Delivery within a given time frame, Dezital should be your go-to place.
Due to availability of abundant highly skills IT human resource in Pakistan, Dezital has its head office and development centre there, however Dezital also maintain their offices in USA and UK.
3. BairesDev
Among providers of Nearshore Technology Solutions, BairesDev is a leading name. To tackle the business difficulties of its clients, it offers innovative, scalable, and high-efficiency software solutions. In addition, BairesDev is turning digital transformation into digital acceleration using its technical skills and cross-industry expertise.
Over 10% of the top corporations, middle-market enterprises, and start-ups work with BairesDev. It has also been the top-growing outsourcing firm in Latin America for the past four years.
4. Exoft
Exoft is a software development company with a solid history of satisfying customer needs. Exoft helps businesses overcome challenging technology obstacles by giving them access to a broad pool of software expertise. The augmented resources can work independently or as part of a company’s in-house team.
Because of its exceptional work, Exoft has always been endorsed by clients. In addition, by operating independently and responding to problems, the corporation takes control of the project in the best manner possible.
5. Dev.pro
To accommodate any skill set, complexity, or scale, Dev.Pro forms teams that provide a bespoke software development experience. Dev.Pro is a multinational firm with over 50 nations across five continents.
Dev.Pros software developers have gained vital knowledge in important industries, including FinTech, Education, Restaurant Tech, SaaS, Retail, Healthcare, & Blockchain, after more than a decade of delivering technological solutions to Start-Ups and Fortune 500 companies.
6. XDuce Corporation

XDuce, established in 2006 and located in New Jersey, is a global provider of software engineering, system integration, and recruiting services. In addition, through its IT Staff Augmentation services, XDuce has served many companies in the IT industry.

XDuce is a well-known mid-market provider of Application Development, Mobility Services, Infrastructure Management, Strategic IT Consulting, and Contractual & Permanent Employment solutions to some of the largest organizations in the United States.
7. GeoMotiv
GeoMotiv is a bespoke software development and IT staff augmentation firm in the United States. It has been servicing customers internationally and delivering scattered international talent to meet its expansion needs since 2010.
GeoMotiv industry-specific expertise spans EdTech, Healthcare, eCommerce, Adtech, Linear and OTT TV, and other disciplines. GeoMotiv makes it simple to engage people, on board the finest prospects, and handle compliance, submissions, and payments on behalf of the client.
8. Diffco
Diffco is a prominent app development firm comprised of world-class senior engineers that help businesses become leaders in the IT industry. In addition, Diffco provides team augmentation services to its clients by assisting them in hiring specialists or a custom group of professionals established after rigorous evaluation.
9. One Beyond
One Beyond is Europe’s most trusted custom software development and staff augmentation agency. One Beyond’s Team Augmentation solution enables businesses to augment in-house teams with specialists without high recruiting fees or arduous hiring procedures.
One Beyond trains team members to work effectively with you and to efficiently connect with your goals using One Beyond’s value-driven approach to providing high-quality code. This implies that enhanced teams operate as cohesive entities emphasizing timely delivery and unrivaled quality.
10. Devsu
Devsu is a technology firm that offers software development, IT augmentation, and recruitment services. The company’s workforce offers their experience to your team in a method that best corresponds with your existing business goals, providing onsite and remote teams.

Finding The Right Staffing Partner

The ideal staffing partner can be valuable to you. They can be your partner in growth by scaling the capacity of your organization to do more without massively increasing your payroll expense. A right IT Staff augmentation partner shall become your extended arm by providing you the Top Quality Technical talent, and offer you the most affordable pricing. Currently, several augmentation firms are working around the clock to provide their clients with the top-notch service, but the crucial issue is: how do you pick the right one?

Before you decide on which staffing agency to work with, you first need to identify your staffing requirements, after which you can start looking for a suitable IT staff augmentation partner. Next, you need to conduct thorough research on your potential staff augmentation partners and see if they have the relevant experience and expertise you are looking for.

While searching for a staffing agency to work with, it is necessary to see their communication style and structure, the types of contracts they offer, and the possible language and cultural barriers you may face during your communication with the agency.
Lastly, the right IT staff augmentation partner must have a humble approach to your staffing needs and challenges and be able to suggest possible staffing solutions to help your company meet the project goals.


It can be a difficult, costly and time-consuming process to source the top quality tech talent for your temporary or long term needs. This can be even more difficult when you are working in niche areas, such as Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI, Block chain, Hybrid or Native Mobile Applications, Enterprise applications etc.  Staff Augmentation Companies can help you quickly on-board the right Tech Talent on contractual basis in a much cost effective manner, providing you the opportunity to scale swiftly.

For more information regarding our IT staff augmentation services, get in touch with us, and our experts will assist you in identifying the best suitable solution for your need.

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