How to Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers? The Complete Guide

Hire Dedicated Mobile App Developers


A huge gap exists between the demand and supply of software developers with the recent technologies as a result of the exponential growth of the software development service in the post-Covid era. This gap is even more wider in case of Mobile Application Developers mainly because of massive growth of smart phone users globally. It has become vital for businesses to use this medium for reaching their potential customers as well as maintaining their brand image.
Mobile applications have become an integral part of everyday life, may it be Social Mobile Apps, Business Apps, Games, Ecommerce mobile apps or Apps developed to solve scientific/mathematic problems. Moreover, Mobile interfaces are being developed for all kind of existing Web applications to provide anytime/anywhere access to the users.
Due to an increased usage of mobile applications over the past few years, businesses have seen a notable shift in software industry towards mobile application development. Mobile App Development is rapidly becoming the most sought-after skill as more and more companies from different industries are trying to break in.
Mobile applications provide an outstanding platform for businesses to advertise their services and products to their target market, generate revenue, meet customer needs, and improve their reputation.
In addition, the fact that the mobile application industry is expected to reach $613 billion by 2025 is compelling enough to persuade businesses and investors to invest in it.
To develop any mobile application, you need to hire highly qualified Mobile App developers alongside UI/UX designers, Back-end developers and Quality Assurance engineers

The Top 4 Hiring Models for Mobile App Developers

The first question that comes to mind when you decide to develop a mobile application for your customers or for your own business is how to hire mobile app developers. If you are just starting out, hiring an in-house team of mobile app developers can be costly and highly time-consuming task.
A mobile application development firm should rely on dedicated team of professionals to complete multiple demands within the given time frame. Moving on, the various recruiting models for recruiting Android or iOS app developers stated below are ideal to use based on the requirements and conditions.
Any of these models can be opted based on your unique needs and suitability of the model to address the requirements. Each model describes the associated strengths and weaknesses so that in the end you could choose the preferred method to hire mobile app developers for your project.
• Employing freelance Mobile App Developers
If budget is your main concern, this mobile app developer recruitment model will be at the top of your list. Freelance mobile app developers are available for hiring on several platforms that you may have heard of, including Fiver,, Upwork, and many others.
Time zone and language differences are possibly two of the major shortcomings in the freelance app developer recruitment model that have a negative impact on app development projects. Also, you will have exposed to the risk of failure, because whole project shall depend on the freelancer on which you won’t have any control. Because of these cons, we advise that you only use freelancing model to hire mobile app developers for small projects. Even when hiring them for projects that will take only a few days, consider their experience, ratings, and reviews first.
• Employing an in-house Team of Mobile App Developers
Given the high level of control on the resources and lesser variable factors, employing an in-house app development team is an easy and preferred option for companies who can afford the associated high cost. Since a mobile application requires a variety of resources, hiring a single mobile app developer won’t suffice.
A great mobile app requires you to hire mobile app developers (front-end and back-end), UI/UX designers as well as quality assurance engineers. This model does, however, have certain disadvantages, just like any other recruiting model. The cost of hiring an entire app development team could be extremely expensive, and acquiring an entire app development team is not as simple as it may appear.
An office, access to licensed software, and hardware equipment for routine tasks and managing a heavy payroll are some of the major requirements for an in-house app development team. Additionally, sick days, incentives, paid vacations, and other perks must be provided to the in-house team. In that sense, this method of hiring app developers is not recommended, if you have a long-term development needs and sufficient budget to manage the high cost.
• Contracting a Mobile App Development Company

Contracting a mobile app development company like Dezital is perhaps the simplest approach to get an app developed. By choosing this cost-effective approach, majority of your concerns will be mitigated, top talent will be engaged on your mobile app development.  Using agile project management methodologies, you shall be given access to the ongoing project development work and opportunity to give feedback during the entire tenure of development.

If you decide to use this hiring model, you will get all the mobile app development services under one roof, including app development, designing, Q/A, support, and mobile app maintenance, Support and Project Management. Additionally, there is strong competition amongst companies that offer app development services nowadays. This is the reason why these businesses are focusing more on delivering Quality to satisfy their customers and get repeated work.

• IT Staff Augmentation
If you want to hire mobile app developers or other developers and tech staff, to address your adhoc project development needs, IT staff augmentation is the best available option on the market. This approach is not just appropriate but also cost-effective, as you will not burden your payroll for anytime longer than your real need. You can quickly hire mobile app developers, web application developers, UI/UX designers, Data Engineers, Front-end and Back-end developers on any technology stack, on short term, medium term and long term basis.

The most lauded advantage of using IT staff augmentation is that you can quickly increase or decrease your team size without worrying about setting up hardware, providing benefits, engaging HR, and other such hassles.

Hire from the world's top 3% of Software Developers

One would need great software engineers, testers, architects, and advisors to create a successful app. If you spend the time and money to recruit a dedicated development team, you may benefit from all the privileges that come with different hiring models, obtain the best software developers in the world, and create high-quality applications. Additionally, choosing a reliable mobile app development company can boost your app development goals and time to market.

Interested in Recruiting Mobile App Developers?

For startups, finding an ideal in-house team is a major issue. However, you can avoid that time-consuming procedure with the help of a dedicated app development team. Dezital stands apart from others due to its experience, competence, talented resource pool, and unwavering commitment to delivering high quality cutting-edge solutions and services.
By upholding the core values of delivering top quality solution based on customer centric approach, Dezital has helped many organizations solve operational difficulties, enhance workflow effectiveness, and transform innovative ideas into ground-breaking digital solutions.

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