Be Seen on Top of the Search Results with Google Text Search Ads

According to a survey, over 40% of all clicks in Google’s search results go to the top paid ads. Google search based text ads is an effective and fast way to increase the amount of relevant traffic – and the number of conversions. The concept behind the success is the that the user has an intent to buy and search for the product or service. Our experienced Google Ads specialists handle your search ads to make sure that you are found by the right audience.

Google Search Text Advertising - Cost Effective and Fast Results

Google Ads has evolved alot since its inception about 20 years back. At that time text ads or search ads were the only option when it came to finding search on Google native search engine platform. Even after many years and with the availability of other types of ads such as Display Ads, Video Ads and Shopping Ads, Search Ads still remain the most popular option for advertising. Consumers searching for a specific product or service have the intent of buy that product or service. This is has great impact as only the right audience are searching and being shown the ads.

Although Google has alot of other advertising options that can be used such as shopping ads, display ads, in app ads and other great options for advertising but text ads are still the most popular, both for businesses and consumers. According to google, Google Shopping Ads account for 31% of all clicks and video ads account for 16%, almost 50% of ads set up on google platform are search based text ads. The options to expand text ads to use sublinks and addition of call to action makes it a powerful tool for advertising.

If your advertising strategy is missing this key ingredient, then you are leaving out a substantial chunk of potential customers searching for the product or service you are selling. Furthermore, text advertising is an amazing and fastest way to your journey to be shown on top of Google search results. We also provide Search Engine Optimization service as well that helps you rank in the long term but immediate results can be acquired with Google text ads. With text advertising, you pay for immediate exposure, and almost immediately your text ads come up running and starts showing to your potential audience. Google text advertising is also very cost effective and most of the times you are able to get the maximum amount of benefit from lower CPC (cost per click). Best thing about Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is that you only pay when a consumer clicks on your ad and not to only appear in the search results. Therefore, even if you are not getting the click the exposure is still there and there is a chance a customer might remember your website and come back to your website by directly entering the domain name and this doesn’t cost a dime.

Attract Customers with Online Advertising on Google

In marketing being visible is one of the most coveted requirement. Online marketing since its advent has made it easier for businesses to be available and visible on search engines. It is said about google that your business is considered to be non-existent if its shown on the second page of the Google search pages. Our Google Ads experts can help you be in the top and rank for the first page of Google. Being present at the instance when potential customers are searching for what you offer is what it’s all about – and our certified specialists can help you achieve that.

Over 90% of all online shopping and buyer journeys start with a search engine – and Google platform for the vast majority. It is impossible to ignore the many opportunities to direct relevant traffic to a website that Google Ads offers – and the many benefits you get with Google ads. Did you know:

  • That you can pop in the top 4 search results.
  • That you only pay when a potential customer clicks the ad.
  • That Google ads have a relatively high branding value.
  • That Google Advertising provides fast results.
  • That you can track every single click and see how traffic is coming
  • That you can manage ads geographically

When you do the cost vs benefit analysis Google text ads surpasses any advertising medium. It is important to note that Google text ads can open a window of opportunity in other countries and become a global service provider or product seller in a very short span of time. Dezital can help you achieve all that.

Did you know that…

You only pay when a potential customer clicks on your ads?

and that…

Does Google ads have a high branding value?

and that…

Does Google Advertising Get Fast Results?

and that…

You can track every single click and see traffic measures.

Why, Google Text Advertising Should be a Part of your Marketing Strategy?

Google text advertising is not only meant for fast results and cost effectiveness, it also helps you uplift your brand in your niche. It is an amazing revenue generating tool. Studies have shown that PPC marketing and in particular text advertising converts far better than organic search results. As a matter of fact, those who have clicked on an ad are 50% more likely to make a conversion than those who have clicked on an organic search result. The reason behind this is the optimization that google brings to the advertisers based on its algorithm and bundle of customer data and profiling.

When an advertiser runs a Google search text ad campaign, it actually pulls up the data in front of the audience who are likely to click and convert as a customer. Therefore, if you are looking for an effective ad form that really manages to convert visitors into purchases, then text advertising is a good bet. Text ads can also be tailored to your website, whether it is a business website or an ecommerce store. You choose which page the ad should lead to, allowing you to create landing pages tailored to your campaigns. Text ads also help drive the relevant traffic to your website, but ultimately it is upto your landing page that attracts customer to buy from you. Landing pages whose content and message match the text ad, and which make it easy to complete an action, therefore perform better. Our development team at Dezital can also help you to create great landing pages based on your liking and requirement.

You also have full budget control of all the campaigns and you can advise and work with our Google Ads specialist to setup a budget suitable to your needs. You have the flexibility to setup daily, monthly or campaign based budgets. Our team also monitors your campaign on a daily basis so that they can act if anything is not working accordingly to the plan and revise update keywords, targeting, budgets accordingly.

Why Choose Dezital

As for every marketing efforts the experience and know-how of the plattform matters the most. At Dezital, we have worked with numerous types of businesses whether B2B, B2C, Product Based or Service Based in various industry verticals. Our inhouse experience specialists can therefore develop laser-focused text ads with an effective campaign structure for your particular company. We always build thorough campaign structures to collect detailed data and customer information. This creates the best conditions for optimizing advertising for the highest possible return. This is evident in the results we create for our customers.

Google search text ad campaigns prepared by specialists.

Continuous campaign monitoring for maximum return

Transparent communication – we are with you all the way

Budget flexibility and planning

We believe that your growth is our success

Transparent communication – we are with you all the way

Targeted Text Advertising Tailored to your Business

The competition to get one of the top four spots on Google search page is aggressive. Our Google Ads specialists understand the importance of achieving one of the desired positions, and therefore they also do everything to ensure that you win the bidding war – and thus the right to display your ad. They key is not always the higher bid but the ability to design and structure the campaign that competitors lack.

When you choose Dezital as your partner in PPC marketing, you will have a briefing about the overall process of the campaign development. Before the actual advertising process starts, a keyword analysis will be prepared, which will form the basis of your text advertising, which will be shared with you for inputs. In addition, your Google Ads specialist also does a thorough analysis of your industry and target audience, and based on these results, the actual ad setup begins.

Your growth is our goal – and it is always with that in mind that we set up your campaigns. We provide properly set up ad groups that are designed to achieve a high ROI (return on investment). On an ongoing basis, your Google Ads specialist also keeps an eye on your campaigns to ensure that they are converting sensibly and that you are getting the most out of your advertising budget.

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