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Over time, the popularity of YouTube is increasing at an exponential rate. According to recent global statistics, YouTube has become the second largest search engine, right below Google. Do you know what this means? A whole new world to access with some solid potential in terms of advertising and that too using static images and videos. Don’t worry about the YouTube advertisements when you’ve got Dezital at your back!

Take Full Advantage of Targeted YouTube Advertising

Let’s talk about the statistics of YouTube a bit. To get an idea about what kind of market we are dealing with. Worldwide, YouTube has around 2 million unique users. Unique users mean that these 2 million users are the ones with their accounts and those who almost regularly enjoy content on YouTube. For every minute that is passed, 500 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube. And around 37% of global mobile traffic is referred to YouTube. These are the global statistics, but the statistics in the United States are also quite impressive. The number of YouTube users above the age of 12 is mind-blowing.

In 2006, YouTube officially became a partner of the Google-owned companies suite. In other words, the complete YouTube advertising setup is now controlled directly by Google Ads. This allows you to access almost every single YouTube user on the planet with the segmentation and the super-strong identity of Google itself. A great way to promote your business if you are still looking for the right opportunity. The advertising dynamics of YouTube are also relatively cost-effective as compared to Google. YouTube will be charging you only when the viewer clicks on your adoOr if the ad is going to run for more than 30 seconds. This allows your business and services to get a lot of free exposure. 

YouTube is still relatively new compared to the other popular digital advertising platforms. The majority of the potential business owners and start-ups still don’t think that YouTube advertising is effective. However, that’s not the case at all. You need to understand that not everyone can create an amazing high-quality video for YouTube. Not everyone has such resources. That’s why the ones who gather the resources to create a YouTube ad get super impressive results in days.

Build Trust and Enhance Branding Value

The biggest reason behind YouTube’s success is its ability to captivate the viewers for more extended periods. This allows the YouTube advertisements to be more accurate and practical than regular newspaper advertisements. The viewers are also reported to remember the YouTube advertisements for much more extended periods than usual because of their exciting and fun to watch nature. That’s some solid marketing for you right there.

Dezital has been working in the online marketing field for quite some time now. And we have seen that whenever someone mentions advertising through YouTube, heads turn from every direction. Although its normal but people are still relatively unknown about the unlimited potential of YouTube advertising. Do you know what the reason behind that is? The branding value.

Youtube ads help greatly for eCommerce and other businesses, because of the trust and branding value of the platform. Trust can help you create a customer-business relation that will last for a lifetime. With the help of YouTube advertising, you can target the subconscious thinking of the consumer and make them familiar with your services and products if they have seen the YouTube advertisement.

Get Insights on your Target Audience and Viewing Behavior

YouTube advertising also allows you to reach your potential customers at different stages of the sales funnel. Do they have the intent? Are they looking for similar product? Are they visting your website and spending time there?

What really makes YouTube advertising effective is the fact that it is data driven as compared to standard TV / Cable advertisement. This means that our Google Ads specialists will have access to a lot of valuable data of whom who viewed the videos and channels. This data can be used in the further work of streamlining the videos and your YouTube advertising just as they can be used to see what works best for your target audience. You therefore have the ability to target far more accurately than with traditional TV commercials and on top its also way cheaper.

Let Dezital Help your Business Grow

Clear visuals and targeted YouTube ads are the way to success on YouTube. We know there are many things that you need to focus on when it comes to managing a YouTube advertising campaign. Putting Dezital in charge of YouTube ads is the way to enjoy great advertisement yields. With our Google Ads specialists, you will also get professional video productions service just for YouTube.

With us you are always guaranteed:

Monthly reporting by Team Dezital

Continuous optimization and adjustment of campaigns to increase brand awareness

Flexible budget with cost control


Transparent communication throughout


Get the Most Out of your Advertising Dollars

Dezital Google Ads professionals are known for creating and handling effective YouTube advertising campaigns like a real pro. The first-ever step we will be taking to advise you how to rock in the YouTube advertising domain and that starts from the development of content and videos that convert. Video content excite the feeling of curiosity in the user on the whole different level.

After this, it is finally time to set up a Google Ads campaign for you. To do so, we will assign a Google Ads certified professional to you that will be working with you in collaboration from day one. We will discuss everything accordingly, from industry to the targeted groups, to get excellent results right from the start.

One YouTube - Several Types of Ads

With YouTube Advertising, you have the following advertising opportunities:

Instream ads

Ads that are played before, during, or after a video. They can be skipped after 5 seconds.

Video discovery ads

Ads that appear during search results on YouTube, the YouTube front page on mobile devices, and related videos.

Bumper ads

Six seconds short video played before, during or after a video. They can not be skipped.

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