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Creating a visual identity is an essential building block for a consistent brand image and communication. It creates the framework for the use of your brand and ensures that a common theme is maintained through all your content whether print or digital.

Visual Identity

A visual identity is the visual aspect of branding that is designed to create a particular feeling and experience of one’s brand. It contains all the visuals that make up your brand such as logo, font, primary secondary colors, usage, do’s and dont’s.
Built on the foundation of your brand identity and outlined in your brand style guide, visual identity reinforces your core values and brand promise through visible mediums. Using consistent and strategic visuals to help communicate, a strong visual identity also helps tell your brand story.
Whether you need a brand new visual identity or give your old one a fresh and fresh breath, Dezital is ready to help and take your brand to new and unimaginable heights.
Visual Identity
Collateral and Print

Collateral & Print

We understand how consistency in communication is important to uplift a brand. We take that extra step in preparing clear, concise and compelling material to reflect your story through standees, leaflets, booklets, letterhead, business cards and tradeshow materials.
Our designers go the extra mile to captivate your brand, knowing that every piece of marketing material will benefit your company and leave a lasting impression.

Design Manual

A design manual is a collection of rules and guides for using the company’s visual identity. It is usually prepared in larger companies, where more parties are needed for graphic work – this ultimately makes it easier to keep the design synchronized.
As a starting point, it consists of rules for the use of logos, colors, fonts and possibly location of these. If the company has some specific graphic elements or something else that can be used in conjunction with the rest, this usually appears as well. The manual describes the extent to which one must follow the design rules, and visual examples may be made of how to – and should not – do.

Do you need help designing a design manual to make it easier to stick to the common thread? Do not hesitate to contact us !

Design Manual

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