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    Social Media Management & Marketing

    Choosing the right social media marketing strategy is imperative for a business to be successful these days. Businesses waste alot of time and money on content and social media ads that do not bring conversion. That’s why you need team Dezital that has experience and proven results to scale your business.

    Our Social Media Management and Marketing Services can help scale both your organic and paid reach. Paid social media campaigns are one of the most effective ways to laser focus on your desired target audience and market your products and services. We cover it all from initial campaign strategizing to creating ads and tracking their success. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, we have got you covered.

    Facebook Marketing

    On average, people spent 58 minutes on Facebook during a day, worldwide. The platform offers a lot of organic and paid content which is increasing everyday. Businesses around the world are using the power of the platform to show their message to the right audience and convert them to customers.

    Facebook is more than just “likes”. To optimise social media for business, you need to dig deeper. And with slick Facebook advertising tools, you can narrow down your audience to perfection. With Dezital, You can expect enhanced engagement, clicks, leads and in result more revenue.


    Instagram is THE trend these days. It is the best platform to reach your brand audience. The powerful newsfeed and story features can advertise your brand to a billion user worldwide.

    In 8 short years, Instagram has gone from being a place for filtered, pretty photos to a platform for businesses to create a personal feel for their content and direct their target audience to their website. Insta = success.


    Traditional TV advertising has always been expensive and has to go through complex stages. The great thing is that your business, no matter the size, can run video advertising to a huge audience right now, via the Google Ads platform on their very own YouTube. YouTube has over 70% market share - it’s also the second biggest search engine on the planet.

    A YouTube campaign will put your message in front of your potential customers. The right combination of creative, compelling smart offers can generate not just awareness for your brand but leads and sales too.

    Social Media Marketing

    Your Brand deserves the best. We help you scale your social presence to generate brand awareness and conversions.

    We create campaigns that achieve your business objectives.

    Install pixel and ensure that your ads are able to benefit from it.

    We setup your shopping feeds so that user can interact on social media.

    We manage your ads and its spending with a focus on ROI.

    We monitor, analyze and report on your social media ads.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    This depends on what your specific social media marketing goals are. If you are looking to build an engaged audience, we would look at tracking engagement parameters, audience feedback and increase in your audience. If you’re looking for an increase in website traffic and revenue, we would benchmark and track website conversion analytics, traffic, direct sales and sales brought in via social media.


    If you’re looking to increase footfall in your store, we would be asking for information related to increase in customer traffic in proportion to ongoing social media activities. Again, it really does depend on what you and your business are looking achieve from your social media activity. But, whatever it is we will help you acheive it.

    If you are looking for a comprehensive social media strategy and action plan for your business, this is an extremely collaborative process that can take between 6-8 weeks to develop.


    However, if you are simply looking for ad hoc social media services or consulting, time frame will be much shorter. Talk to us to discuss in detail.

    Yes. Dezital does perform community management i.e. responding to social media comments, brand mentions, inbox across all social media channels.


    We though firmly believe this is a task that should be by one of your internal resource to provide more precise responses relevant to your business. We can also provide beginner, intermediate and advanced training for your internal resources for this area.

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