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A logo design should not be left to chance. At Dezital, we have extensive experience with logo design. In collaboration with you, we go in and design a modern logo based on your specific needs and values.
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The logo is mostly the largest part of the company’s visual identity. Along with the company name, it is one’s trademark, which is used at the top of one’s website or ecommerce store, on the Facebook page, business cards, advertising material and all other places where it is relevant.
Your logo is of great importance to you and your brand, as potential customers and partners can see a common theme in your marketing material as well as recognize it across media. This should not be left to chance – it can damage your credibility if there is no complete control of the logo and there is not branding guideline. At Dezital, we make your new logo design from scratch, and we ensure that you get a logo that reflects the company and the company’s message.
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Updating Old Logo

Does your company have a logo that has not changed in the last 10 years? You believe that the logo has been the trademark of your company, and it will be absurd to go and make a new logo, as you will lose all the built-up brand recognition. However, it is still important to stay up to date when it comes to trends and tendencies in design as you can see how bigger brands like Coke, BMW, Pfizer, Warner Brothers , General Motors have changed their logo look and feel over the years.
Dezital offers redesigning of old logo while it retains its original feel and recognition, but gets a new and modern look that can appeal more in the target group. We can also help you draw or retrace your logo if, for example, it is only available in image format, so you can use it for other purposes – printing, signage etc.

Logo Design Process

Fill Out Creative Brief
Tell us about your business and your vision by responding to few questions and get started.


Get Custom Designs
Our design team will create and provide an exclusive logo for your business with 1 to 5 options.


Pick The Best Logo
Pick the one that you like and go through revisions if required. Source files will be provided after finalization.


A Logo Design from Dezital

A logo design can consist of several things, but usually the most important name feature – that is, the company name. Then there may be a symbol either next to it or as part of the name. A slogan can also be made as part of the logo if it is a big part of the company’s identity.
At Dezital, we have extensive experience with logo design. In collaboration with you, we go in and design a modern logo based on your specific needs and values, and there will of course be proofreading rounds, so the logo will be 100% the way you want it. The finished logo is delivered in all necessary file formats, so you can use it everywhere – on the web, business cards, brochures, clothes, cars and all other places that can benefit you.
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