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Instagram is a very visual platform, which is good for branding as well as sales, as approx. 80% of consumers are more affected by something visual, as opposed to something they read.

Why Advertise on Instagram?

Instagram is a very useful platform for individual content creators and businesses alike. The usability has increased and the ad delivery system has improved dramatically since the takeover by Facebook. The complete ad delivery system is integrated in the Facebook business manager, therefore targeting different audiences among both platforms becomes synchronous.
Instagram is similar to Facebook in many areas: It consists of a newsfeed, where you can see posts made by the people or business that you follow and users can comment, like and share content, just as they can on Facebook. The audience quality of Instagram is comparatively much refined as compared to Facebook.
Also, Instagram is a very visual medium so instead of status updates, users share photos and videos, and this also has an impact on the way your company as an advertiser build marketing campaigns. The content must be visually exciting and interactive so that users engage. Higher engagement gives the Instagram a que to deliver your content to similar audiences most frequently. Dezital’s digital marketing has helped businesses of all sizes to scale business on Instagram. May be we can do the same for you.
why ad on instagram
Instagram business profile

Instagram Business Profile

Instagram has the feature for businesses to convert their profiles from an individual profile to a business profile, this conversion provides multiple benefits in terms of reach and the availability of professional marketing tools and dashboards.
With the business profile and marketing tools, you have the opportunity for the following benefits:
  • You can get a massive exposure to your chosen audience on Instagram.
  • Your ads on Instagram can be targeted down to the smallest detail, as Instagram uses Facebook Business Manager, from which you also manage Facebook advertising.
  • Exciting photos and videos can make potential customers curious about your products or services.
  • Instagram is ideal for online shopping. Over 30% of the social media / internet users have at some point purchased something online based on an ad delivered on these marketing platforms.

With Instagram advertising, you not only have the opportunity to brand your website and your products to a selected segmented target group, you also have the opportunity to make the process from consideration to purchase much faster and easier. Despite the popularity of social media and the growing number of global social media users, there are still many companies that have not yet discovered the potential of Instagram’s advertising opportunities and that’s what Dezital aims to change.

Get the Best Solution for your Instagram Advertising at Dezital

Creating visibility around your online presence through Instagram advertising is a great idea. But the content and approach must be targeted and tailored to the nature of the social media platform.
As we have seen, Instagram caters to a younger age customer segment. So if your website and business are targeting this audience, Instagram is without a doubt a platform that could be useful for you to advertise on.
At Dezital, we have extensive experience with social media marketing and we love Instagram to do the same. Our teams always stay up to date with the latest features, trends, memes, algorithms so our clients can leverage on our learning to get the most out of their advertising spend. If you are considering starting advertising on the Instagram, leave it to us.

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