Create Awareness with Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping ads appear in Google search results whenever a customer searches for a product. Shopping ads are highly relevant for product based ecommerce businesses. Google will show a user the most relevant product based ads when a search query is entered. These ads are normally shown on top of the Google text ads. When the ad is clicked, the product page or landing page of the advertiser will be shown.
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Strengthen your Marketing Strategy with Google Shopping

Online shopping is in full boom especially in the post-covid world, it is going so fast that it is predicted that almost a quarter of all retail shopping will take place online within the next few years. Many stores over the couple years have diverted their brick and mortar focus to ecommerce based retail. Such a development requires new strategies and opportunities in online marketing – and this is where Google Shopping comes into the picture. Instead of telling your potential customers what you can offer, you can show it – and it is a completely unique opportunity that you can use for the following, among other things:

  • Promotion of your goods
  • Capture consumers as they actively search for your products or similar to yours
  • Reach new customers
  • Create eye-catchers in the search results
  • Be on top of the text ads

Boost your Online Sales with Google Shopping

It was the year 2002, the year Google Shopping was introduced. Back then, no one ever imagined that this small search engine would be able to hold around 65% of all the click-based shopping revenue generated worldwide. Today, some massive names have shifted their assets and complete working business models to the Google Shopping suite as well.

The location of the ads is often on the top of text search results or the right side of the Google Search picture. The ads will be prominent depending upon the amount paid by the advertiser and the keywords density. Each item will also indicate the price tag along with the eCommerce store name that’s offering the product along with the click option that takes directly to the website.

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Dezital Helps you Increase your Earnings

If you ask us to talk about one thing that will determine whether Google Shop ads will be effective for you or not, we have one answer for you, it depends on the product feed optimization. As your digital marketing agency, one of our responsibility is to optimize the product feed. We will keep the product listing and related information updated as well. Plus, a Google Ads specialist will be there to guide you through the process thoroughly. You can take our word for it that your Google Shopping feed will be the reason behind your Ecommerce success.

Monthly reporting & feedback

Continuous campaign monitoring for maximum return


Google Shopping campaigns prepared by specialists


Flexible budgeting and ad spending. Maximum ROAS


Targeted Google Shopping Strategies, Just for your Business

Every single Ecommerce store is different from the other. Here at Dezital, we make sure that the advertising campaign we are creating is completely tailor-made just according to the requirements of your E-commerce store.

If you are choosing Dezital as your preferred marketing agency, we will stand with you all the way. From the very first day, you will be allocated a Google Ads expert to guide you thoroughly. Our team will be in touch with you from understanding of your objective, campaign budgeting, designing and campaign management. Once the campaign is successfully up, the team expert will review your account on daily basis for monitoring of keywords, traffic, budget, negative keywords and will change or amend as required. We have the expertise to design a complete campaign whether your bsiness is B2B or B2C based. Lets work and create the best Google Shopping Campaigns for your business.

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