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Reach your Target Audience with Facebook (Meta) Advertising

At Dezital, we have an experience team of Facebook Marketing specialists who are ready to help you with your Facebook advertising needs, so you can achieve visible conversions with your Facebook advertising.

Why Facebook as Part of your Marketing Strategy?

Facebook has almost 2.9 billion active users per month. This corresponds to approx. one third to the entire world population. Facebook is considered to be the best online marketing platform to reach a global audience in a very cost effective manner.

Whether you are just starting out a business or is an established brand, Dezital can help you start advertising on Facebook and bring in more revenue. Facebook’s ads allow for extremely precisely targeted options. Another benefit of Facebook advertising is that your business can also target people who have previously interacted with your brand.

Facebook Ads Features

There are many good reasons why you should choose Facebook marketing. Among other things because:

  • It has the highest retail ROAS for any social platform
  • It’s relatively cheap. Compared to other Pay-Per-Click Facebook offers great opportunity to get far and get good results with a relatively low budget.
  • You can target your specific audience based on age, gender, interest, location, likes, and hobbies, education level, job title, income and device being used.
  • Setup campaigns with multiple objective campaigns such as traffic, reach, engagement, leads, brand awareness, conversions and catalog sales.

If you have a website you want to promote and create awareness about, or you want to increase sales for your ecommerce, it pays to include Facebook advertising in your overall marketing strategy. Dezital will be there for you.

Opportunities for Marketing on Facebook

Facebook is useful when different ad formats and  types of campaign are required. This allows to tailor your Facebook ad to your business. At Dezital, our team has the ability to setup any kind of Facebook campaign that work for your business. Some of the most commonly used ad types:

Carousel Ads

A format where you have the opportunity to display up to 10 manual images (even more for catalog sales) in one single Facebook advertisement. Here you can add caption and short description to each image in addition to video. Often, this ad format is the one that creates the most engagement. This type of ad runs best for a conversion campaign when setup properly within the overall sales funnel, especially for warm audiences.

Instant Experience

Facebook Instant Experience ads are the new and improved Facebook Canvas ads, giving users full-screen highlights of your brand, products, and services. Better yet, the ads work with most formats, such as images, videos, carousels, website page and slideshows. We at Dezital love creating instant experiences for our clients.

Lead Ads

Allows to receive information from audiences interested in your brand. Rather than being redirected to a landing page, a contact form which can be customized to your needs opens that they can fill out without leaving Facebook. Leads can also be integrated with your existing CRM such as Hubspot and Dezital can help you do that.

Lead Generation Ads

Few potential customers are reluctant or skeptic about being redirected to business website and filling up a form on the landing page. Lead generation ads can help acquire potential customers without any type of redirection. Redirection is optional if the customer wants to know more about your business.

Facebook (Meta) advertisement platform gives the option to create customized fields relevant to your business. Basic customer information such as email, name etc can be prefilled by the Facebook and thus reduces the time to acquire the required information. A CRM can be connected with these leads so the sales and business development team can easily contact the customers who were interested in your business. Lead generation campaigns are particularly highly effective for service based businesses. Dezital team has years of experience to setup and maintain lead generation ads.

Customers who fill up a lead form have high potential of conversion as the intent behind the product or service exist and customer has taken the time to fill it.

Retargeting Campaigns

Facebook retargeting ads are one of the best Meta advertising features. These ads allow you to reach out to users who are already aware of your brand, one way or the other, whether it’s through an established customer list or activity on your ecommerce store recorded by an integrated pixel.

Retargeting can be done for potential customers who have:

  • Shared their email address through lead ads
  • Purchased from you at some point.
  • Followed your Facebook Page or interacted with it in some way.
  • Watched your video ads or content.
  • Spent time on your website or took certain actions such as visited a specific page.
  • Followed or interacted with your Instagram Page in some way.

Facebook Pixel when integrated with your site is an effective tool, as it tracks all traffic on your website, to get the necessary data to target campaigns.

Let Dezital Take Care of your Facebook Advertising

Whether you have a website that you want to create awareness for, or you have an ecommerce store having multiple products that you want to sell, Facebook advertising is always a good investment for your business. 

With Dezital, handling your Facebook campaigns, you get a partner with an understanding of multiple businesses, target audiences and experience with a proven track record. We can help and guide you whether you have not advertised on Facebook before or looking for a better and long term return on your Ad spend.

At Dezital, we are always up to date on the latest trends for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Google advertising. We also keep a close eye on the latest features, tools and ad formats, giving you the best options when putting together strategies for advertising together.

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