Stay in the Consciousness of Consumers with Display Advertising

Visibility on internet can make or break businesses these days. Advertising using Google banner advertisement brings untapped audience to your website resulting in increase of brand awareness and revenues. With carefully crafted Display Advertising from Dezital you can have the edge over your competitors to build a company with high brand value and recognition.

Take Full Advantage of Targeted Google Display Advertising

Google Ads can do much more than the traditional search text ads. Google has made it possible to advertise on external website that have just the right audiences in sync with your business. With Display Advertising you can advertise on a range of external websites and bring traffic to your own. Display advertising also give the option to perform re-marketing on those audiences who know about business and have visited or interacted on your website. As per a research an individual who has already shown interest in what you provide are most likely to convert if reminded about your services after they’ve left your website. There are over 39 million websites globally that are part of the display network, so there is plenty of internet real estate where these ads can be displayed. At Dezital, our team plan and constantly monitor your display campaigns so that your banner ads only appear on relevant sites that your customers visit and remove any that are not relevant.

With Display Advertising you have the ability to control your message content in different ways i.e. combining colors, message and illustrations all in multiple sizes. These ads display according to the overall website interface giving your ad a catchy look every time.

These visual display ads are particularly effective due to several parameters as targeting can be based on audience types and their respective stages in the sales funnel. Regardless, if the person for whom the ad is shown, chooses to click on your ad and acts immediately resulting in sale or moves on for the time being, Display Ads are effective when it comes to creating brand awareness and what you can offer, therefore there is a greater chance that the consumer will remember your business the next time the need for what you offer, arises.

Get the Best of Google Display Ads with Dezital

The high branding value and the unique targeting options make Google Display Advertising a crucial part of marketing strategy for many businesses both for reaching Sales objectives and as well for Brand Awareness.

Once we onboard you as our client, you will be assigned with a Google Ads specialist who is certified in display advertising. Based on the initial discussion about your company, your product, your target group and your competitors our specialist will form a strategy as to how you can get the most out of your display advertising budget. Our in-house team has the ability to design exciting banners according to your brand guidelines. Once the campaigns are up and running our team shall monitor progress on daily basis for user engagement, reach, click through rate and overall campaign spend. If we see the possibility of changes that can raise your ROAS, our team shall act accordingly.

In our portfolio of B2B and B2C customers, there are many who run display advertising with us. This includes retail, clothing, fitness, technology, cosmetics, home décor and bed bath etc. Let us also help you succeed with your company’s digital presence.

Google Display Advertising for your Business

People want to buy from brands or companies they trust or have a perception that a certain brand is trustworthy. Any brand that has an omnipresent digital presence gives the impression to its customer that it can be trusted. Also, consumers are more likely to shop at an online E-commerce store if they have become acquainted with it before, through advertising. Google ads can help achieve this.In addition to the trust, you also get the following benefits for your organization or brand:

Eye catching and visually appealing ads


Target your campaigns to your competitors’ visitors

Create brand awareness in front of huge audience.

Capture the audience that left you, through remarketing

Low cost- pay only per click

Google Remarketing - Personalized Ads to Previous Visitors

It is not always the case that a sale happens right away on the first visit by the customer. If you sell solutions, services or slightly more expensive products, there can often be a longer decision-making process, which is why it is a good idea to make sure that you are in your customers’ consciousness throughout that process and don’t let your customer get in during that time. This can be ensured via the Google remarketing based ads.

With display advertising, you get a unique opportunity to show your products to customers who have already interacted with your website.
For an example, a potential customer visits your website, browses few pages and even adds a product to their cart but leaves the site without buying for a multiple of reasons, for sake of reference; a call came in and he / she got busy. With a Google remarketing ad, while your customer was going through an article on the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), your ad popped up and gave the customer a reminder about how they were about to buy that product they liked on your website. Customer clicks and completes the purchase process, Voila!

This form of advertising means that you are constantly in the consciousness of consumers and you get an extra opportunity to achieve a conversion and Dezital and can help you do that.

Google Display Ads with Custom Intent Audiences

Where display advertising proves to be particularly effective is when it comes to targeting options – especially Google Ads Custom Intent. This is a very special method of targeting that display advertising offers. In a nutshell, ” custom intent audiences” is a Google product that allows marketers to target people currently researching specific topics, products, and solutions on the web, using Display or YouTube video ad campaigns.

People use certain keywords, visit particular pages, watch videos, and later on decide to make a purchase. Essentially, these are the people who are currently in the market for various products and services. Your advertisement can target people searching for products that also on your competitor’s website, that way you can make your way into competitors’ customers. We have seen great results for service companies, consulting companies and ecommerce stores with products that require a long consideration process.

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